ACE FORCE Fitness Licensing FAQs

Answers to common questions about the fast-growing boutique fitness Licensing


ACE FORCE Fitness is a rising star of the $22+ billion boutique fitness industry. Licensed since 2021 after proving out the concept for several years, ACE FORCE has grown swiftly with territories open or in development – and there’s no signs of slowing down. With tremendous unit-level economics, world class support, and the ability to scale up to multi-unit ownership, ACE FORCE is a wise choice for anyone who wants to impact lives, build communities, and join a brand that’s poised for global expansion.

What does ACE FORCE do differently from other boutique fitness brands?

There’s nothing like ACE FORCE  in the boutique fitness industry. For starters, our workouts are strength-based training, which is the way professional athletes train. Our workouts are led by nationally certified coaches, as well as being Ace Force Level 1 certified. Because our coaches are highly skilled, they can cater to all fitness levels and encourage members to push them to be the best version of themselves. The product has delivered countless individual transformations, and has built a community that continues to grow.

How much does it cost?

The total investment to open an Ace Force Fitness is purchasing the License for $5,000 per year. This makes us one of the most affordable opportunities in the boutique fitness License industry. The low costs of our model is by design: our facilities require only a small footprint, a minimal buildout, and only a small amount of equipment. This means our franchise owners get to put much-needed resources into growing their businesses. We have additional Add On’s that any Ace Force Affiliate gym owner can utilize. Marketing, HQ Support, AF Trainer Certification, and Full Gym Build Out Options.

What is the License fee?

Territory: $5,000 a year  initial License Fee. Adding more territories would be an additional $5,000 a year each.  

What are the financial requirements?

To qualify for business ownership with Ace Force Fitness Training, The Licensing $5,000 yearly payment needs to be paid and in good standing.

What is the royalty and brand marketing fee?

There is NO royalty fee. The brand marketing fee is an OPTIONAL ADD ON using Ace Force Media services $1,000 monthly retainer $1,500 for any marketing build outs.

Do you provide training & support?

Yes. ACE FORCE is committed to helping our Affiliate owners thrive and prosper beginning on day one – literally. We provide a playbook so that our affiliate owners can start generating revenue on day one of their business. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support on every aspect of the business model, including:

  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Hiring and retaining top talent
  • Growing and maintaining a membership base
  • Building community
  • Professional development

(This is as an “Optional Add On” for Ace Force Affiliate Owners for  HQ support $1,000/month retainer fee.)

Do you help with site selection?

ACE FORCE has a dedicated partnership of real estate professionals to help you choose the perfect location for your business. We use robust demographic and psychographic data to identify the best locations for an ACE FORCE facility in a market, and our real-estate partner will work with you to find the real-estate with the best chance of success. We look for first-rate shopping centers with strong anchors that offer high visibility and traffic. Our facilities are about building community, so we look for locations that are an important part of the communities we enter. Because our model requires a smaller footprint, we have the advantage of securing ideal real-estate at more affordable rates. Our team will be on hand to help you through the process of selecting your site, and will guide you through the build-out and construction process.

(This is as an “Optional Add On” for Ace Force Affiliate Owners for  HQ support $1,000/month retainer fee.)