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Features & Benefits

Discover the unique benefits and support system that sets Ace Force apart from the rest. From personalized startup assistance to exclusive funding opportunities, we’re here to help you turn your passion into a thriving gym business. Explore how being part of the Ace Force community means more than just ownership—it’s about joining a network of driven individuals dedicated to success. Take the first step towards being your own boss and making your mark in the fitness industry.


Hassle-Free Gym Opening

We provide you with everything you need to start and open your own Ace Force Gym. From location scouting, upfront costs, equipment procurement, and marketing, we’ve got you covered

Tailored Ownership Experience

This opportunity empowers you to be your own boss. Set your own hours, create your schedule, and determine your income. Say goodbye to the 9-5 grind and hello to a thriving business of your own


Smooth Steps to Gym Ownership

Why limit yourself to a franchise when you can achieve greater earnings as a licensee? Join us, and we’ll guide you through every stage of establishing your own six-figure gym. As an Ace Force Gym License owner, you’ll receive comprehensive training and step-by-step guidance from the initial setup to the grand opening. We provide all the necessary tools and support, including assistance in securing booked clients. Plus, with our streamlined in-house approach, you can even bypass the hassle of dealing with third parties altogether. If needed, we’re prepared to co-sign on your first business location to help you get started. It’s the direct route to realizing your dream of owning a successful gym.

Thriving in a Supportive Network

When you partner with us, you become part of a thriving community of like-minded individuals. Together, we grow and succeed. Benefit from shared knowledge, resources, and the collective strength of the Ace Force brand


How it works

Fast-growing boutique fitness license is exploding across the nation

Not only is fitness back, but ACE FORCE Fitness Training is experiencing 125%+ growth in all locations compared to pre-pandemic levels. In fact, since 2022, Ace Force Fitness Training has awarded territories, opened locations, and hasn’t had any permanent closures!

While the resurgence is impacting the entire industry, it’s the boutique fitness industry that is really experiencing a boom. According to RunRepeat, the boutique fitness industry is valued at $22+ billion in 2022, which is up nearly 5% from pre-pandemic levels – and it hasn’t even come close to peaking. In fact, the industry is projected to reach $25+ billion by 2025.

With so much opportunity in one space, entrepreneurs are rushing to explore fitness opportunities. But not every opportunity is made equal. Entrepreneurs need to ensure that the brand they choose has long-term viability,  a proven business model with multiple revenue streams, offers a product that consumers want, and is well-positioned for exponential growth.

We’re focused on generating revenue from day one

The goal of every Ace Force Fitness affiliate owner is to open to profitability. We have designed a proprietary pre-sale process, which will help you build a membership base and allow you to generate revenue on day one.

The pre-sale process is all about building community before the doors of your business have opened. You will host free workouts in the community you’ll operate in, and offer discounted membership rates in the weeks leading up to your grand opening. This means that when your doors do open, you can have cash flow.

“The goal is to open revenue positive,” says Ace Reed, CEO and Founder. “By having that nucleus of members who are there on day one, you’re able to substantially increase your profit-potential. The number of people who are in your facility and having a great experience will create walking billboards for your business and help you attract new members. The day you open, you have built-in monthly recurring revenue, members who are passionate about your business, and this means you get to focus on continued growth.”

We’re going to be huge!

Ace Force Fitness is poised for rapid nationwide expansion. In only three years, our franchise has grown from a few corporate stores to over 70 territories awarded, and there’s no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Not only is Ace Force Fitness poised for national expansion, but the opportunity for prospective affiliate owners is the best it will ever be, due to some of the most prime markets in the nation still being available.

“Everywhere we go, we’re knocking it out of the park in terms of our ability to win members and build community,” Ace says.  “To date, over 65% of our affiliate owners were members of Ace Force before opening their own location. When we talk about a raving fan base, this is exactly what we mean. We fully expect to be a global brand in the next 10 years, with over 1,500 locations open around the world. Now is a great time to invest in Ace Force Fitness, because there’s wide-open prime territory and opportunity to grow with a brand that is only just getting started. We have a bright future ahead of us and we’re looking forward to growing our affiliate family with entrepreneurs who share our vision.”

Exclusive Gym License Opportunity

Unlock the potential to own and operate your very own Ace Force Gym. We’re the pioneers in offering gym licenses, and our comprehensive support sets us apart nationwide. Seize the chance to be in control of your destiny, set your hours, and scale your earnings. With our guidance, training, and on-site support, we’re invested in your success from day one. No need to navigate the complexities of banks or third parties—we make the decisions, and it could be you we choose.

Ace Reed

CEO / CO / Founder

Celene Quintero

President Co/Founder

Lucas Main

Vice President of Finances

Justin Sloan

Director Vice President of License Development


What our clients say

I’ve been in construction for over 15 years, and I only get paid when I’m on the clock. If I take a vacation, I really take a hit in terms of my earning potential. So when I decided to look into business ownership, I wanted a business that wasn’t about me and my time, that could create cash flow, and grow without me having to put in all of my time. The reason why I purchased three locations with Ace Force is because this business model really allows me to do exactly that. My career in construction is just a sales job, but my Ace Force locations are building communities and really transforming people’s lives, and that is something I’m very passionate about.

Lucas Main Co-owner of three Ace Force Fitness Affiliate locations.
Fitness Coaching

My husband and I looked at a bunch of different License concepts, including hair care, retail, food, and more. When we became members at our local Ace Force location, we realized that this was a business we could get behind. My husband and I always talked about being business owners, and when we met the headquarters team, we felt confident to take the leap. We wanted financial freedom, we wanted control of our future, and we wanted to own a business that we could be proud of. We can be proud of the impact that we’re having with Ace Force, not only because we’re helping people realize their goals, but because it feels like home when you walk through the door. It’s so rewarding knowing that it’s our facilities that are growing a community and supporting families. We’re so excited about the future.

Sofia Owner of one Ace Force Fitness Affiliate location
Fitness Coaching

I was a member first, and I really fell in love with the environment, the personalized coaching, and the community. Not a lot of gyms take the time to really get to know their members, and when you walk into Ace Force, they know you by name. This level of customer service is so rare in the fitness industry, and when we were looking into business opportunities, investing in Ace Force was a no brainer. We knew that there are larger fitness concepts out there, but there’s a reason why Ace Force is growing so fast. They have the support and structure of a mature license concept, and they empower you to become successful.

Tarquin Daley Owner of one Ace Force Fitness Affiliate location
Fitness Coaching

Take the First Step

Ready to embark on your journey towards owning your own Ace Force Gym? Click below to get started on the path to becoming your own boss, setting your own hours, and creating a thriving fitness business. Seize the opportunity and join the Ace Force community today!

Licensing FAQs

Answers to common questions about the fast-growing boutique fitness Licensing

ACE FORCE Fitness is a rising star of the $22+ billion boutique fitness industry. Licensed since 2021 after proving out the concept for several years, ACE FORCE has grown swiftly with territories open or in development – and there’s no signs of slowing down. With tremendous unit-level economics, world class support, and the ability to scale up to multi-unit ownership, ACE FORCE is a wise choice for anyone who wants to impact lives, build communities, and join a brand that’s poised for global expansion.

There’s nothing like ACE FORCE  in the boutique fitness industry. For starters, our workouts are strength-based training, which is the way professional athletes train. Our workouts are led by nationally certified coaches, as well as being Ace Force Level 1 certified. Because our coaches are highly skilled, they can cater to all fitness levels and encourage members to push them to be the best version of themselves. The product has delivered countless individual transformations, and has built a community that continues to grow.

The total investment to become a licensee owner with Ace Force, you only need to make a $5,000 down payment, with the total cost for opening an Ace Force Gym License being $15,000. This makes us the most affordable option to open a full gym in the entire United States. While most gym franchises charge between $70,000 and $150,000 in licensing fees, Ace Force License owners enjoy the lowest license fee in the nation. As a licensee, you won’t pay franchise fees; instead, you pay just $5,000 once a year.

You won’t find this level of affordability elsewhere because we are the sole providers of this opportunity. With us, you receive unparalleled value for your investment, making your dream of owning a gym more achievable than ever before.

Our remarkably low cost positions us as one of the most budget-friendly choices in the boutique fitness license industry. Our model is intentionally crafted to minimize expenses. With a small footprint, minimal buildout, and only essential equipment required, our franchise owners can allocate their resources where they matter most: growing their businesses. Additionally, we provide add-ons such as marketing support, headquarters assistance, AF Trainer Certification, and full gym build-out options for all Ace Force Affiliate gym owners.

Territory: $5,000 a year  initial License Fee. Adding more territories would be an additional $5,000 a year each.  

To qualify for business ownership with Ace Force Fitness Training, potential owners need to meet specific financial requirements. Firstly, they must be able to make the down payment of $5,000 for their licensee ownership. Additionally, they should have at least $15,000-$20,000 available to invest in opening their gym. This financial threshold is the lowest in the nation to start and open your own Ace Force gym. The Licensing $5,000 yearly payment also needs to be paid and maintained in good standing.

There is NO royalty fee. The brand marketing fee is an OPTIONAL ADD ON using Ace Force Media services $1,000 monthly retainer $1,500 for any marketing build outs.

Yes. ACE FORCE is committed to helping our Affiliate owners thrive and prosper beginning on day one – literally. We provide a playbook so that our affiliate owners can start generating revenue on day one of their business. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support on every aspect of the business model, including:

  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Hiring and retaining top talent
  • Growing and maintaining a membership base
  • Building community
  • Professional development

(This is as an “Optional Add On” for Ace Force Affiliate Owners for  HQ support $1,000/month retainer fee.)

ACE FORCE has a dedicated partnership of real estate professionals to help you choose the perfect location for your business. We use robust demographic and psychographic data to identify the best locations for an ACE FORCE facility in a market, and our real-estate partner will work with you to find the real-estate with the best chance of success. We look for first-rate shopping centers with strong anchors that offer high visibility and traffic. Our facilities are about building community, so we look for locations that are an important part of the communities we enter. Because our model requires a smaller footprint, we have the advantage of securing ideal real-estate at more affordable rates. Our team will be on hand to help you through the process of selecting your site, and will guide you through the build-out and construction process.

(This is as an “Optional Add On” for Ace Force Affiliate Owners for  HQ support $1,000/month retainer fee.)

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