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Cardio Vs Weight lifting – What is the best option to loose weight?

Should I run or walk more to loose weight? I want to slim down but I do not want to be too muscular so I rather avoid lifting heavy weight and simply stick to a cardio workout, should I combine both cardio and weight training to loose weight?

And the list goes on and on. These are a few most frequently asked questions regarding the best workout type to be done to reach a weight loss goal.

The answer is not as straightforward as many of you are expecting. Let’s dive into the pros and the cons of each type of workout.


Cardiovascular workout or aerobic workout are designed among other things to strenghten your heart to pump efficiently blood throughout your body. In addition, cardio workout help to lower a high blood pressure, and regulate insulin level which lower blood sugar.

Cardio workout is the most efficient way to burn fat through burning calories. Generally speaking, one would burn more calories in 1 session of cardio workout than 1 session of weight training.However, if done in excess or alone without a strength training along with it, cardio can also burn muscles in the long run which is the reason why a person who does a lot of cardio would loose weight ( if following also a healthy diet) but might not have muscles definition as someone who weight train.

Keep also in mind that your weight also plays an important role in your ability to burn calories as the more you weight, the more you will burn calories .

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