How Much Can I Make?

Ace Force Fitness is all about passion, purpose, and profit

This is the most important question an entrepreneur can ask about a new business venture – and for good reason. You want to know that the investment you’re making will be worth it.

Ace Force Fitness was founded on the principle that a business full of passion and purpose should lead to a profit. That’s why we’ve designed our business model to maximize profitability, created multiple revenue streams, and structured the day-to-day operations to be as simple as possible to ensure that our franchise owners can scale effectively to multi-unit ownership.

Here is how our affiliate owners capitalize on the profit-potential of an Ace Force Fitness Training license.

Recurring revenue

One of the biggest advantages in Licensing with Ace Force Fitness Training is the fact that our membership model means recurring revenue that you can count on a monthly basis. The more members you have, the bigger your profit-potential grows. Over 90% of Ace Force Fitness Training members have opted into our unlimited membership option, which is our highest level of membership.  In the last year our membership rates have increased by over 100%, which is a strong indication of brand loyalty, potential, and growth in the coming years.

“One of the most attractive aspects of this model is the recurring revenue,” says Ace Reed, Founder & CEO. “A lot of businesses have to recreate the revenue every single month, whereas this is all about creating raving fans in the community to retain and grow your membership base. We’re all about lifetime value, as we want our members to stay with us for years and years – and they do. We have members that have been with us since the beginning over eight years ago.”

Recurring revenue from day one

As an Ace Force Fitness owner, you don’t have to wait months and months to start feeling the benefits of a membership-based business model. We want you to feel the benefits on day one.

Before you open the doors to your business, you will invest and execute our proprietary pre-sale process to help recruit your first members and spread brand awareness in your community. You will host free workouts at local community gathering spots, such as parks, breweries, bars, and restaurants, and offer discounted memberships to the people who sign up as a founding member. This approach produces a foundational community of members that will allow you to generate revenue on day one.

“There’s not a lot of businesses out there that can offer a recurring revenue stream on day one,” says Celene Quintero, COO. “The pre-sale process is a 12 week program that we’ve built for you to execute, and it not only helps you recruit members, but it also allows you to open with recurring revenue.”

Benefit from multiple revenue streams

In addition to the membership-based revenue stream that recurs on a monthly basis, Ace Force Fitness affiliate owners also benefit from the additional revenue streams of retail, supplements, and promotional challenges.

Our retail sales are up more than 400% year over year, and this is because we have apparel that our members are proud to wear.

Ace Force Fitness also sells a proprietary line of supplements, including whey protein, pre-workout, super greens, vegan protein, and BCAA’s. These are proving to be extraordinarily popular, as sales have increased by 214% year over year.

“This is a great model to be in, because there’s multiple revenue streams,” Celene says. “In addition to the recurring membership revenue, we also rolled out an apparel line and a line of supplements that our affiliate owners can sell to their members. We also have no-show fees, because our members are buying a place on that floor, and we want to hold them accountable.”

Building an asset

Building a business is an investment – and every good entrepreneur views it that way.

Ace Force Fitness is an asset that is yours to build. Whether you’re looking for a way to transition out of corporate America, or you’re looking for a business that you can run with your family, investing in an Ace Force Fitness license is an opportunity to take control of your future and build the life you want.

Everyone comes into business for different reasons, but everyone in business wants to be successful and build wealth. We don’t shy away from this fact, as we believe every entrepreneur ought to think about an exit strategy from day one. Our affiliate owners all have unique goals and visions for the future. Some want a retirement strategy, some want to build a legacy for their children, and some are solely focused on giving back. Whatever the reason, we have the opportunity to help our affiliate owners exceed their goals and realize their potential as business owners.