AF1 Testimonial Room

Amy S.

It was a very fun circuit training course. The gals were so enthusiastic and encouraging it made the hour go by so fast.

Saundra R.

The atmosphere is fun, the people/staff are great and I don't get bored with the awesome workouts.

Jamie S.

The class was awesome, high energy and the coach was making sure we had good form.

Nicole B.

I am enjoying the time of the classes and the work outs! Ace has been keeping me working out hard lately!

Derek D.

The workouts are designed to push yourself as hard or as easy as you see fit. The combination of weights and cardio provide the perfect all around workout. The atmosphere is upbeat, clean, and efficient. Trainers have so far been helpful, guiding, and clear in directions and ensuring proper form.

Tiffany J.

Customer service, enthusiasm of trainers, upbeat atmosphere, motivational enviro- nment to push past your comfortable limits, variety in exercises used.

Ashley S.

Perfect mix of weights and cardio fast pace lots of fun

Erica T.

Accountability, atmosphere for work outs. Convenient time for early class, works well with my schedule. Kick ass

Mia T.

I feel like the instructors do a really great job the workouts are great good atmosphere

Alondra B.

Ace is an amazing coach. She is motivational,knowledgeable about body mechanics and is professional. She is my go to coach and the reason for scheduling my class

Olivia S.

I really like the workouts, the instructors and the music. I also like that the owner is often present and always friendly.

Ava A.

Awesome workouts! Friendly and helpful staff. I always have a good time, and get a sweat in while I am there!

Raya B.

Because the workout and coaching style is excellent. It it highly motivational

Vida R.

Because it was an awesome workout great music and great coach

Isha S.

Really personal. Laid back. Very Motivating. Not crowded. Super fun. I'm not the type to work out and I love going!

Emma S.

Well planned and organized workouts with a good variety of equipment. Amazing energy from trainer. Atmosphere is motivating, and music is spot on!

Olivia W.

Nice early workout times and I like the circuit type workouts.

Isabella W.

The coaches and the environment make it fun to work out. Everyone is so supportive and super helpful.

Evalyn D.

I did classes like this last time I need to lose weight and it worked out for me

Luna B.

Atmosphere and the set up of workout stations are awesome

Camilia A.

Great place, amazing workouts.

Jessica T.

I love how we alternate equipment, hands on availability of the instructor, alternates to original plan, and the friendly environment.

Sakar S.

It's simply amazing! I feel welcomed and motivated to attend! I love the personal trainers being available to walk us through each step! I have been recommending this gym to my friends.

Elizabeth E.

Great place, super interactive and knowledgeable, love the upbeat music and motivational environment

Camila S.

Amazing coach's, awesome concept! Motivational! Competitive! FUN!!!! I worked out harder, and.... HAD A BLAST

Gianna U.

Great atmosphere and helpful staff and I can go at my own pace but driven to work harder.

Eleanor B.

It's the type of workout that guarantees a great caloric burn every class. Coached rotational circuits are the way to go! I've done almost 400 orange theory classes but I love the extra emphasis on weights here .

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