The ACE FORCE Elite Training Affiliate Story

How Ace Force Training became the most exciting affiliate opportunity in boutique fitness

When we’re faced with adversity, there’s two scenarios that can happen: we can give up, or we can dig in our heels and give it our all.

The people that inspire us, the people who are worthy of looking up to, and the people that change the world, are all people who overcame great obstacles to reach a greater goal. In the world of athletics, there is no shortage of examples.

ACE FORCE Elite Training Affiliate Story

From Michael Jordan getting cut from his high school basketball team, to Serena and Venus Williams growing up in an impoverished, gang-riddled neighborhood, to Bethany Hamilton losing an arm surfing. In each of these cases, we know the outcome. Michael Jordan became the greatest basketball player in history, Serena and Venus Williams are the most celebrated tennis players in the world, and Bethany Hamilton is widely regarded as one of the top surfers today.

But for every famous example, there’s millions of examples of ordinary people who overcome the challenges in their daily lives to become extraordinary versions of themselves. This is the Ace Force Fitness Licensing story.

“I decided to prove him wrong,” Ace Reed, Founder & CEO

Ace Reed, a remarkable individual with a passion for fitness and a journey that led to the creation of Ace Force Fitness, a renowned gym. Born and raised in Medford, Oregon, Ace is the oldest sibling among 11 brothers and sisters. With a family-oriented upbringing, he developed a deep sense of responsibility and a drive to make a positive impact.

Ace’s athletic journey began at the University of Oregon, where he played football at the prestigious D1 level. Together with his teammates, he experienced the thrill of competing in two Rose Bowls and a BCS bowl in 2012, forging memories that would last a lifetime.

Upon graduating college in 2014, Ace embarked on a new chapter in his life by delving into personal and group training. Armed with a comprehensive business plan, he approached various big box gym owners, sharing his expertise on improving revenue and expanding membership through enhanced classes and exceptional coaching. This approach proved highly successful, with numerous gym owners implementing his strategies across their locations. Ace found himself designing and leading athletic-based classes, while also providing personalized training services at multiple gyms.

In that same year, Ace took over the management of two franchise supplement and nutrition stores known as Complete Nutrition. This opportunity allowed him to immerse himself in the

world of ownership and nutritional consultancy. Over a span of seven years, he gained extensive knowledge in franchising and honed his skills in team management within a retail environment.

Ace’s commitment to excellence drove him to seek mentorship from top athletic strength and conditioning coaches across the country. This invaluable experience further fueled his passion for athletics and fitness. Attending nationally recognized strength and conditioning camps and clinics, Ace developed a profound understanding of the mechanics behind strength, speed, endurance, quickness, flexibility, core stability, balance, coordination, and enhanced physical skills.

Fitness Coaching

Armed with this wealth of knowledge, Ace knew he had a unique opportunity to share his expertise with others. The idea for Ace Force Fitness was born—an all-encompassing boutique fitness studio that seamlessly merged athletic training, personal training, and comprehensive supplements and nutrition services.

With three thriving locations, including two in Medford, Oregon, and one in Grants Pass, Ace Force Fitness made a significant impact in each community it served. One of the gyms was successfully sold to an AF1 coach in Medford, who continues to transform lives and create positive change.

Setting itself apart, Ace Force Fitness became the very first boutique bootcamp brand to offer licensing opportunities to gyms across the country. By opting for licensing instead of traditional franchising, Ace and his team empowered these gyms with all the necessary tools and resources for success, without the burden of exorbitant fees. This unique approach fostered a strong sense of community and facilitated rapid growth for all licensed Ace Force Fitness locations.

Join Ace and the dedicated team at Ace Force Fitness on a journey toward health, wellness, and personal transformation. Discover the unparalleled training and support that sets Ace Force Fitness apart from the rest, and experience the true power of a community committed to achieving greatness together.

Ace Force Fitness Was Born from a Pivotal Moment

ACE FORCE Elite Training Affiliate Story

Our Motto/Logo incorporates “F.O.R.C.E.: Focus On Rewarding Committed Effort.” We recognize that it is only through consistent and positive reinforcement that we can sustain the effort required to achieve great rewards. 


“We opened several locations in the Medford Oregon area, and we were incredibly successful,” he continues. 

“We knew we were onto something that could be scaled across the country, so we decided to build a prototype that we could License and take to market in 2022.”

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Every so often a brand comes along that changes everything, that raises the bar, and becomes a part of the fabric of American culture. In the $22 billion boutique fitness industry, that brand is ACE FORCE Fitness Training.

Ace Force Fitness Affiliate Program is Taking Off

“We’re so excited about how fast we’re growing,” Ace says. “The majority of our growth has come from our existing members who were impacted by Ace Force Fitness and saw the viability in the model. Now, the majority of our owners are expanding into multi-unit ownership. We’re actively focused on licensing development, and the level of interest that we’re experiencing is unprecedented.”