What is an Ace Force Licensing?

Fast-growing boutique fitness license is exploding across the nation

Not only is fitness back, but ACE FORCE Fitness Training is experiencing 125%+ growth in all locations compared to pre-pandemic levels. In fact, since 2022, Ace Force Fitness Training has awarded territories, opened locations, and hasn’t had any permanent closures!

While the resurgence is impacting the entire industry, it’s the boutique fitness industry that is really experiencing a boom. According to RunRepeat, the boutique fitness industry is valued at $22+ billion in 2022, which is up nearly 5% from pre-pandemic levels – and it hasn’t even come close to peaking. In fact, the industry is projected to reach $25+ billion by 2025.

Ace Force Licensing

With so much opportunity in one space, entrepreneurs are rushing to explore fitness opportunities. But not every opportunity is made equal. Entrepreneurs need to ensure that the brand they choose has long-term viability,  a proven business model with multiple revenue streams, offers a product that consumers want, and is well-positioned for exponential growth.

Enter Ace Force Fitness

Founded in 2018, Ace Force Fitness is one of the top emerging licensing opportunities in the nation. Licensing since 2022, Ace Force Training has exploded onto the scene with locations open or in development – and we’re only getting started.

“A star wants to see himself rise to the top. A leader wants to see those around him rise to the top” says Ace Reed, Founder and CEO. Who uses his expansive athletic background and insights to teach and promote top-tier fitness, sports training, athleticism, and body aesthetics to men, women, and adolescents from every walk of life.  Ace Force was designed to combat this with accountability, coaching, and community being the foundation of what we do. The boutique fitness industry is experiencing substantial momentum because people want to invest in their health, get in shape, and understand the value of what we do. When you have a system of passionate license owners who are committed to building authentic communities with an elite workout, it is no wonder we are experiencing the growth we are seeing across the country.  We haven’t begun to scratch the surface of how big this brand will be.”

Coach-led, athletic-based training

When you walk into an Ace Force Fitness facility for the first time, you’re going to notice differences right away: there’s not a lot of equipment, the music is energetic and upbeat, people are high-fiving and encouraging each other, and there’s a coach leading the workout who’s qualified to be there.

Our workouts are led by coaches who hold a nationally accredited training certification, as well as certified by Ace Force Training Certification. No other brand offers this level of consistency, expertise, and competence. Because our coaches are highly skilled, they can cater to all fitness levels and encourage members to push themselves to be the best version of themselves. The product has delivered countless individual transformations, and has built a community that continues to grow.

Ace Force Licensing

“Fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all,” says Celene Quintero COO. “The fact that our brand is able to deliver a workout led by certified coaches is a tremendous differentiator, because we’re able to meet people where they are. Whether you’ve never worked out, or are an experienced athlete, our workouts are able to deliver the results our members want at an individual level. The fact that it’s group-based and team-oriented, meaning our members are high-fiving and building each other up during the sessions, makes it easier to grow a community that’s authentic in all of our facilities. This helps with retention, it helps with results, and from our franchise owners’ perspective, it helps with revenue.”

We’re focused on generating revenue from day one

The goal of every Ace Force Fitness affiliate owner is to open to profitability. We have designed a proprietary pre-sale process, which will help you build a membership base and allow you to generate revenue on day one.

The pre-sale process is all about building community before the doors of your business have opened. You will host free workouts in the community you’ll operate in, and offer discounted membership rates in the weeks leading up to your grand opening. This means that when your doors do open, you can have cash flow.

“The goal is to open revenue positive,” says Ace Reed, CEO and Founder. “By having that nucleus of members who are there on day one, you’re able to substantially increase your profit-potential. The number of people who are in your facility and having a great experience will create walking billboards for your business and help you attract new members. The day you open, you have built-in monthly recurring revenue, members who are passionate about your business, and this means you get to focus on continued growth.”

Our members opt-in at the highest price-point

While other brands in the boutique fitness industry struggle with retention and competition, the overwhelming majority of our members are at the Elite level, our highest level of membership, which provides unlimited sessions per month, and our retention rate is substantially above industry average.

In the fitness industry, gym-hopping and memberships at multiple gyms is the norm. According to the Global Health & Fitness Association, over 25% of gym-goers own multiple memberships – and this number is climbing.

Ace Force Fitness is designed to be the exact opposite. Our members don’t have to get multiple memberships, because they can get it all done at Ace Force Fitness. This makes our memberships sticky, valuable, and long lasting for our affiliate owners.

“In the boutique fitness industry, membership rates like ours are very rare,” Ace says. “Most boutique fitness brands are modality-based, and the majority of people aren’t going to go spin or run on a treadmill five or six days a week. Our workouts are all-encompassing, athletic-based training, and because of that, our members don’t have to get additional memberships elsewhere. Our members do come to us four, five, and six days a week, which makes us much more of a lifestyle brand. From a financial standpoint, that increases the lifetime value of our memberships. Our lifetime membership outweighs the competition two to three times in any given market because our members are coming to us on a daily basis which inherently increases auxiliary revenue streams such as apparel and supplements.”

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Every so often a brand comes along that changes everything, that raises the bar, and becomes a part of the fabric of American culture. In the $22 billion boutique fitness industry, that brand is ACE FORCE Fitness Training.

We’re going to be huge!

Ace Force Fitness is poised for rapid nationwide expansion. In only three years, our franchise has grown from a few corporate stores to over 70 territories awarded, and there’s no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Not only is Ace Force Fitness poised for national expansion, but the opportunity for prospective affiliate owners is the best it will ever be, due to some of the most prime markets in the nation still being available.

“Everywhere we go, we’re knocking it out of the park in terms of our ability to win members and build community,” Ace says.  “To date, over 65% of our affiliate owners were members of Ace Force before opening their own location. When we talk about a raving fan base, this is exactly what we mean. We fully expect to be a global brand in the next 10 years, with over 1,500 locations open around the world. Now is a great time to invest in Ace Force Fitness, because there’s wide-open prime territory and opportunity to grow with a brand that is only just getting started. We have a bright future ahead of us and we’re looking forward to growing our affiliate family with entrepreneurs who share our vision.”

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